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Thank you for visiting my webpage. For all opportunities please contact me via my email below.
Currently I am interested in all opportunities, big or small, for various lengths of time.
Here is a list of recent projects, most recent first:

Coming Soon...

Master's level research project - Smart Mask

Just For Fun

Chrome Extension - Work Mode - Enter 'Work Mode' in your Chrome browser with the click of a mouse (or a keystroke), blocking distracting websites of your choice. Great for focusing and getting work done!
Which NBA Players Share Your Initials?
Chrome Extension - This Day in History | Description
Interactive Baseball Calendar Map (2015, 2016, 2017)
Chrome Extension - Keyboard Tab Shifter
JavaScript Tennis - Follow online guide to learn how to code a simple moving game entirely in JavaScript

Recent Technical Projects

 Technical Level: 5/10


Personal Wikipedia Edits
 A simple collection of links to wikipedia articles I've edited based on research papers

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