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Chrome Extension: This Day in History

This extension for the Chrome Browser is light and unintrusive. It gives you a daily historical fact that may spark your interest, and sits in the upper right hand corner of your browser, like so:

With a simple click on this icon, you will get a small popup telling you a history fact for the current day.

You can also view more history facts for the current day, as well as go forward and back with button clicks.

I have also added the option to see a new fact every time you open a new tab:

Now instead of seeing the default page you will see a fact that will perhaps peak your curiosity. If you do not like to see a fact on a new tab, you can turn off it back off with a setting (feature is off by default). A few other settings also allow you to control how you want the fact and new tab displayed.

This extension has over 6200 facts for you to enjoy, ranging from many topics - political events, sports, inventions, entertainment, and more. If you are interested, give it a shot - it takes seconds to install and uninstall. And of course, I welcome all feedback and ratings.

Download Here: This Day in History

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